"Watt's Up Watt Meter and Doc Wattson User Manuals and Support

"Watt's Up" user manuals: models WU100 & Doc Wattson R102

The "Watt's Up" DC Watt meter user's manual includes examples of DC watt meter applications as well as provides a general electrical tutorial information for its use.

Download the final "Watt's Up"/ Doc Wattson user's manuals (in PDF format)

Determining your meter's version number

The power up screen shows the Watt meter's version number. E.g., for versions 2.1, "Watt's Up" shows: RCE v2.1 and "Doc Wattson" will show: RCE HE2.1.

Also, the instruction card that comes with the model WU100, version 2 has a photo of the "Watt's Up" watt meter on it where version 1 did not.

Advanced technical topics

The DC Watt meter modifications page discusses some topics that may be of interest to a technical audience. Increasing the voltage range and using with an external 500 Amp shunt are some example topics.


Meter Support & Downloads

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