AX7-C Connector lubricant, contact lubricant, corrosion inhibitor and anti-corrosion protectant

electrical connector contact lubricant, connector lubricant & corrosion inhibitor

AX7-C connector lubricant  


Failure of electrical connector contacts is the leading cause of electrical system failures.

Apply AX7-C connector lubricant anti-corrosion protectant to any electrical contacts to dramatically improve the reliability of even the best electrical connector contacts by eliminating fretting corrosion and general chemical corrosion, and thereby, minimize electronic system failures and consistently deliver the highest performance.

AX7-C is a metal corrosion inhibitor that is easily applied as a thin film using the fine bristled applicator brush, provided in the bottle's cap. It can also be used as a dip or spray.

AX7-C keeps connector contacts working the way you expect them to.

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What makes AX7-C connector lubricant unique and worth the cost?

Unlike lesser connector lubricant products, some of which actually increase corrosion, AX7-C uses the same active ingredients in one of the two formulations chosen by the US military for wide use in critical systems like jet fighters and nuclear submarines. The many other anti-corrosion products tested failed to achieve the performance necessary to meet the tough military spec. and in some cases, actually made matters worse!

A Gold finish is not enough protection

The military contact reliability testing included very expensive, high quality mil-spec'd gold contacts. They found that even these gold on gold contacts were not reliable enough without an anti-corrosion protection contact lubricant like AX7-C.

AX7-C benefits & features

  • Best connector protection and lubricant formulation there is and better than oils. Chosen by the military as one of the two product formulations found to work and not make matters worse out of many tested
  • Manufactured to meet and exceed military specification Mil-L-87177A for corrosion protection. Also meets & exceeds Mil-C-81309 for type I, II & III corrosion protection
  • Hydrophobic. It displaces and excludes water from the contact's mating faces even better than PPE's (polyphenyl ethers)
  • Reduces sliding friction so contacts connect with lower mating force. They experience reduced wear with repeated connection and disconnection. Static friction stays the same so that contact's retention force is unchanged
  • Prevents contact fretting corrosion that can plague contacts that experience any vibration, even minor like from fans
  • Synthetic and contains no silicone or petroleum distillates. Not a waxy, greasy, oily or hard coating. Does not attract dirt
  • Bonds to metal creating a tenacious film that prevents corrosive materials getting to the metal. Better than waxes, AX7-C film is self-healing and survives being scratched
  • Operating temperature range exceeds whatever operation temperature the contact itself is rated for. Typically -70°C to 250°C. Maintains protection at lower temperatures than PPE based lubricants
  • AX7-C Film does not migrate, has very low vapor pressure and is very long lasting. It has been found that AX7-C's corrosion protection often increases over time
  • Non-Conductive
  • Easily applied and easily removed, if necessary
  • Won’t damage any metals or materials typically used in electrical contacts
  • Built-in UV tracer dye makes applied material glow under ultraviolet light so coverage is easily verified
  • Non-flammable formulation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Made in the USA

AX7-C uses

  • All electrical contacts and connectors. A brief list of examples includes: male/female connectors of all sorts, terminal blocks, AC & DC power plugs, light bulb sockets, battery connections, circuit board connectors, cable connectors like Ethernet, HDMI, IDE, SCSI, USB, RCA, keyboard, coaxial, telephone, speaker, audio, video, RF, circular multi-pin, etc.
  • Wire protection. Briefly dip, up to the insulation, stripped wire ends in AX7-C. The fluid will wick up into the wire a short distance and prevent wire corrosion in that area
  • Conformal coatings. Metal parts and electronic circuit boards can be conformally coated with AX7-C by brief dipping, spraying or brushed application. Allows components to be easily reworked.
  • As general purpose corrosion inhibitor and protectant. AX7-C is an excellent bare metal corrosion inhibitor that is much better than oil or wax at preventing corrosion and without attracting dirt. Apply AX7-C to any metal you want to protect from corrosion. A brief list of examples includes: tools, guns, knives and other metal weapons, fishing gear, marine hardware and tackle, screws and bolts, etc.

See more connector lubricant & corrosion inhibitor applications.

How AX7-C is used

AX7-C is not, primarily, a cleaner and is not designed to remove corrosion, but rather to prevent it. It displaces moisture.

For best results apply to clean (free of oil, flux, etc.) metal surfaces. Cleaning oil from surfaces before application with a solvent such as Acetone or M.E.K. will ensure the best results.

Shake well before use and as necessary during extended use to keep product mixed. Only use in well ventilated area where fumes are undetectable. A NIOSH approved organic vapor cartridge will reduce vapor levels. Then, using the brush in the bottle's cap, apply AX7-C to the metal contact surfaces of the connector or the metal surface to be protected. Minimize application of AX7-C to materials not part of the connector itself. A second coat may be applied, if necessary, after ~ 30 seconds.

Can also be applied by spraying. Sprayer's materials must be compatible. See solvent compatibility below.

AX7-C will glow blue in the dark, where it was applied, when illuminated with ultraviolet light. If normally protected from UV light (to prevent dye degradation), areas needing reapplication can be identified by a lack of this glow.

Store AX7-C between 32°F and 140°F.

Product is non-hazardous and non-flammable when used as directed. As always when using solvents, user is responsible for using appropriate personal protection equipment such as skin and eye protection and resipiratory protection if vapors are present.

AX7-C's solvent should be kept off incompatible materials, which are not normally found in connectors, to prevent potential marring problems. Incompatible Plastics: ABS, acrylic, Lexan (polycarbonate), Ryton (PPS), styrene and polystyrene (incl: K-resin). Incompatible elastomers: natural rubber (e.g., latex) and neoprene. Also, be careful near painted or coated surfaces because it may mar or strip many of those items.

Safety warnings: As is usual with solvent based products, use in a well ventilated area where fumes are undectable. Keep out of eyes and avoid skin contact. Do not breath solvent fumes or mist. Keep out of reach of children. Do not take internally. Use appropriate gloves (e.g., nitrile, silvershield or viton material) if skin contact with solvent will occur. Latex gloves are NOT acceptable.

As is usual in medical equipment or other applications where loss of life is a direct risk, AX7-C is not to be used without prior testing. It is the responsibility solely of the user to confirm the product's suitability in any such case.

See additional product information at connector lubricant & corrosion inhibitor details.

How AX7-C works

Corrosion happens because chemicals can react with a contact's bare metal surface. AX7-C prevents the corrosion by forming a passivating layer with a tight, air-tight bond to the metal that prevents any chemical activity from taking place. AX7-C's lubricant properties allow connector contacts to be mated using less force, while not reducing the retaining force that holds them together. The lubricant also prevents fretting corrosion and reduces wear on the contact's faces.

Industrial and OEM quantities

We can supply AX7 in volumes to meet your need. Pints, quarts, gallons, pails, etc. We can also help with application methods including brushing, dipping and spraying.

Other formulations are available with increased lubrication, faster evaporation, broader plastics compatibility and increased resistance to high Chloride and Sulfur environments. MSDS documents are available as well.

Purchasing and Information

For evaluation and small projects, pn CL102 is a can with 2.5fl.oz. of AX7-C available for $49 plus shipping.

For further details and to purchase or request samples of AX7 for industrial applications, please email us at:



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